Ungeimpft: Vater verliert Sorgerecht

©A photograph taken on October 13, 2021 in the Village of Postribe, shows a mother with her daughter making their way back home. - In rural areas of Albania number of the children in schools is reducing in the last years. Faced with persistent unemployment and deepening poverty at home, an untold number of parents across Albania begrudgingly send their children abroad, including through illicit means, hoping a life in Europe will provide a better future. According to Eurostat, Albanians were among the highest numbers of minors to arrive unaccompanied in the European Union in 2020. (Photo by Gent SHKULLAKU / AFP)
In Kanada verlor ein Mann das Sorgerecht für sein Kind, weil er nicht geimpft ist.

Es klingt absurd, doch es ist Realität: Wegen Ablehnung der Corona-Impfung verliert ein Mann in Kanada das Sorgerecht für seinen Sohn.

Der Richter sah so den Schutz des Kindes vor dem Corona-Virus nicht gewährleistet.

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