Nacktfotos-Flut in Australien: Das steckt dahinter

Die Australier ziehen sich aus.
Die Australier ziehen sich aus. ©Instagram/GetNakedAustralia
Was ist denn plötzlich in Down Under los? Immer mehr Menschen posten Nacktfotos.

In Down Under geht es derzeit sehr offenherzig und freizügig zu. Immer mehr Menschen posten auf Instagram Nacktfotos von sich in der Natur. Einen exhibitionistischen Hintergrund hat das allerdings nicht.

Der Grundgedanke hinter der Aktion ist aller Ehren wert.

7 years ago, on the Sunday morning after the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gra Parade, this happened. The artist @spencertunick gathered 5,200 people on the steps of the Opera House for a mass nude shoot. This photo included people of all ages, occupations, sexual orientation and cultures stripping back their inhibitions and learning to embrace one an other for who they are. This photo is historic and resonates our message of 'get outside and love the skin you are in' , but to also embrace who you are! We would have loved to be a part of this photo, and we hope Spencer returns to Australia at some point! Meanwhile, we will be planning some big group shots of our own. Stay tuned! To the LBGT community, we hope you had a fantastic weekend and that Australia continues to move forward in reaching equality for all. #getnaked #bodypositive #embrace #acceptance #mardigra #operahouse #lbgt #feelthefreedom #earth #hike #embrace #itsjustabum #normalisenudity #freethebooty #l4l #getoutside #outdoorliving #thegreatoutdoors #bodyconfidence #adventure #hiking #explore #experience #travel #bucketlist #nakedadventures #nakedinnature #getnakedaustralia

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  • Nacktfotos-Flut in Australien: Das steckt dahinter
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